These additional features might be what you are looking for. The Trident Elite has a glass breaker and a cut out in the handle that allows one to slice webbing without deploying the blade. It’s kind of a funky looking, definitely another look distinct to SOG. You help support OutdoorGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. Of course, as one of SOG’s classic models this knife comes in a couple blade shapes (wharncliffe, tanto, and the drop point version shown) and you can also get this blade with a Titanium Nitride (TiNi) coating and some even with tiger stripes. I find AUS8 to be entirely adequate and fits the mid range price tag well. Thanks for the insightful comment RK, I couldn’t agree more. Also, SOG is a big supporter of knofe rights, it’s like the NRA for knives. SOG selected AUS8 blade steel for the Flash II. Overall it feels very cheap and I wish I never bought it. I agree, the safety lock can have it’s merits. Promotional Codes Sog Flash Ii Review Knife Informer And Silencerco Download now They have eschewed the more mainstream model of production knife design, which typically involves a team of in-house designers and a deep roster of freelancers, instead favoring a one man approach. He has personally reviewed almost 300 knives of all shapes, sizes, and price points. I’ve done more than open envelopes with mine but understand that this not a hard use knife at all. Fiance wasnt to happy about the “upgrade” but I was done worring about bladeplay, blade/handle strength. It is relatively inexpensive, uses proven materials, and incorporates test-team-preferred assisted opening function. All in all, if you’re looking for a versatile folding knife, the SOG Flash II … There are so many other great 40-60$ knives out there. I love the blade, can appreciate the light carry, and find the assisted open to be both fun and practical. technology stands the test of time and if not at least sog has a lifetime warranty. Flash AT is compact and easy to carry, with a highly functional 3.5" cryogenically heat-treated D2 stainless steel blade. This has resulted in some unique design elements and ultimately, some very unique knives. SOG is a company that has always intrigued me. Hey Jack! Satin Tanto EDC Knife at Sog Flash Ii Review The Pocket Knife Guy And Blackhawk Industries Padded Weapon C I don’t suggest you go try and pry safes open, or split logs, but my 2 Flash IIs are great. It is designed to perform its objective, without fuss. The pocket clip is an ultra deep carry design and is reversible. It is my main EDC knife (everyday carry). It’s definitely flies well below the radar. Assisted openings can be a matter of taste, but I like it on this knife, especially as an emergency tactical folder. I sent the knife back to SOG with a letter explaining what happened and how it should’ve withstood that mild torment. BTW, I really love your site Mr Dan, and i always check it before I consider buying a knife. We can apply greater pressure to the blade with rounded handle knives than we can with the SOG Flash II. With the Flash II, we like the assisted opening and ambidextrous thumb stud. As long as everyone is cool headed and respectful I think we can learn a lot. I love my Seal Pup and my Gov-Tac, and im gonna get a Seal Team. They are supporting YOUR rights to carry and enjoy knives. And I will carry my socom delta for its clean cut and the Stitch for very hard cutting with its 5mm M390 blade thickness although the Microtech Socom Delta has a 4mm blade thickness. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, With assisted opening technology and a full-size handle and blade, the Flash is a stout every day knife. (I don’t have significant blade play, about a 1/16 of a inch movement side to side) I don’t consider myself a expert, I just think i know this knife fairly well after 2 years. As with all SOG folders, the ambidextrous thumb studs are beveled and terraced for easy deployment. Close cousin SOG Trident Elite wins our Top Pick award for its additional "tactical" features. I agree slightly about the blade play thing, it defintely needs to be adressed but to go as far as saying you wont buy from SOG is pretty hasty. It … My Flash II came with a very nice satin finish and a meticulously ground secondary bevel. Okay, sorry bout the hasty response. 95 SOG TWI12-CP Twitch II 6.20 Inch EDC Pocket Knife 4.4 out of 5 stars 183 The textured grip on the Flash II provides a secure hold, although I found it to be a little on the thick side. It resists rolling and chipping but is still easy enough to sharpen at home with standard methods and equipment. And I am glad you have been enjoying the reviews Jack, thanks so much. It’s not particularly light at 4.5 ounces – nearly 50% heavier than the Flash II it replaced – which was 3.1 ounces with similar dimensions (3.5” blade, 8” overall versus 3.45” blade/8.29” overall on the AT). I originally snapped my SOG in half cutting through some extra thick corrugated cardboard at work (the shipping box housed a fume hood). Your email address will not be published. work that I do now. My other favorite is my Kershaw Skyline Knife (read review here).The SOG Flash 1 is smaller than the Kershaw Skyline so is easier to carry in more situations. I personally believe that the trade off for a lighter knife by using the plastic handle is not worth it. I had a SOG Flash 2 for a couple of months until I lost it, I did ALOT of research after I ordered it and got worried about the blade play and “light duty” reviews. Btw, dont even question the AUS8 Fixed blades. Now I’m ordering my 2nd Microtech “Stitch”. Others, though, have a lock that works from either side and a handle profile that is just a little more rounded. Yeah, i’ve had mine Flash 2 for almost 2 years and i absolutely love it. I totally see your point and respect your opinion too, the Flash 2 is definitely a light duty blade. Our experience with other SOG gear indicates that this integrity will likely last. All in all, I think this will be an excellent EDC knife. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Also, in terms of portability, we like the pocket clip on the Flash II. How to buy Knife Review Sog Flash Ii And Texas Weapon Systems Dogleg Scope Mount Given that this is a linerless design, with what appears to be some sort of bolt lock, I am not really surprised by this. If my hands were to be cold and numb, I don’t think I could get this knife closed. Best Tactical Knives . Onsale Sog Flash Ii Review Knife Informer And Springfield Armory M14 Gas Cylinder This means that you know you will be getting a quality pocket knife , one that is a favorite within the military as well as law enforcement. As a fan of choices I think this is a good thing. Whoever says cardboard isn’t a good test of a blade obviously needs to unbox a fume hood. the assisted spring has not failed like some torsion bar technology and auto springs i have encountered. Glad to hear you have been enjoying your Flash 2. A brand new Flash II showed up at my door a week later, no questions asked. Sure, the F2 has some blade play, but if you don’t want blade play, I think you are not in the right market. All trademarks property of their respective owners If you can live with a little side-to-side play in your knife then I don’t see this as a major issue. About the pocket clip: it’s the best clip ever. The only real negative I could find was the blade play. I am sorry to hear your Flash 2 had severe blade play like that. SOG Flash II Assisted Opening EDC Pocket Knife The SOG Flash II (SOG Flash 2) is one of the best EDC pocket knives you can buy and I will tell you why. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The Flash II from SOG is a relatively affordable, assisted opening, full-size pocket knife. For normal use it’s comfortable, and even when holding the handle tightly and carving off long curls of wood it wasn’t that bad. It is higher quality denser plastic then most but still. For many this will be about as useful as a sock on a chicken’s foot, but it allows SOG to make this assisted opener a tip-up carry knife so I don’t mind. All in all I am very happy with the Flash II. As far as the lock goes, take it apart and check it out before dissing it, it is a wedge bolt, what could be better? I’ve done some reading and know I am not alone, but that doesn’t stop this from being a classic folding knife enjoyed by many. SOG makes stout equipment. While a non assisted opener may be more socially acceptable, you can always open the Flash 2 with 2 hands (or kind of open it against your leg or something. I noticed it has quite a bit of weight to it and feels completely different from the tiny Flash 1 which I reviewed as a "toy knife" The Flash II is a shining example of this, a knife that is quintessentially SOG and decidedly different. And I still think the Flash 2 has a lot to offer as an EDC knife, even if most of them have some side to side play. SOG is known for excellent blades across a dizzying array of portable cutting tools. I recommend purchasing the SOG Flash II at Amazon or BladeHQ. Another excellent review. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The SOG Flash II is a full-size, assisted opening, basic pocket knife. Great site, found you through It’s a no frills design with a full flat grind (“FFG”). I’ve been carrying the Flash II since Christmas and I really like it. Just wish they’d get some new steels in their blades, especially their larger fixed blades. They’ve developed some exciting designs over the years that, in my opinion, look cool and have a considerable wow-factor about them: the Twitch series, the Aegis, Visionary, and the Flash series all employ interesting opening and/or locking mechanisms and bear unique blade shapes. GearLab is reader-supported. I love the blade, can appreciate the light carry, and find the assisted open to be both fun and practical. There are no liners in this handle, which helps with the weight but isn’t without disadvantages (discussed below)…. Reviewing the SOG Flash II. A gentle push on either of the ambidextrous thumb studs snap the blade out in a “flash.” Stupid puns aside, the opening is quick and smooth. I really want to get a Spyderco Delica though. The piston style lock of the SOG Flash works reliably, but only from one side. In our usage, there is very little difference in edge hold between the different products. The sides of the handles have been given a diamond texture and help with overall grip. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Assisted opening, reversible, low-hanging pocket clip, Lock is not ambidextrous, handle is low profile in hand, full size in your pocket. SOG TFSAT8-CP Flash II 8 in. That said, the Delica is another exceptional knife and I certainly wouldn’t want to talk you out of expanding your collection. ~Jack. “Light to medium duty” might be more appropriate but I wouldn’t use the flash 2 for anything beyond EDC. Rapid fool-proof deployment under stress is what I’m looking for an an emergency tactical blade, and the Flash II provides just that. The Flash II has a unique, boxy looking handle made of thick fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN); a reinforced plastic. The rounded handle takes up just a little more space in your pocket, but is far more user-friendly than the Flash handle. Impurities in the cardboard dull the blade way more dramatically than you might expect. My Advice, turn yours in Mr. Dan, get a new one and see how that one works. This knife does not feel good in the hand because of this. It’s a quirky little knife that really stands out in a crowd. I prefer using it as I have the bad habit of dropping my knives a lot. This is an average pocket knife, with some important attributes that bump it up. The Flash II 3.5" Knife has got to be one of the coolest knives we've ever seen. I have gone backpacking, snowcamping, school, regular use everyday and opening it 20 times a day because i’m bored. SOG Flash 2 1/2 serrated w/ new arc-lock system This is a review for the arc lock version of the SOG Flash 2 1/2 serrated. We don't expect unobtrusive portability from a full-size folder like the Flash II. Our pocket knife reviews cut through the fluff and get... Pocket knife shopping is daunting. The blade shape is a very traditional looking drop point. I think there is a lot to like about this knife and it can make a terrific edc. I do like the IKBS system ckrt offers it seems to be a good system too bad they are chinese and made in some sweat shop. It’s a quirky little knife that really stands out in a crowd. How is this Knife not sturdy? Thank you. Remember, all knives will require periodic sharpening. Though the Twitch I, II, and XL aren't updates per se, they are very similar to the Flash series, but with a flipper in addition to the thumbstuds. Regardless of who you are, I always say to carry what you like. He grew up using pocket knives, and the decision to start the website stemmed from his fascination of all things sharp combined with a deep passion for writing. Dan is the creator of With it’s big blade, grippy handle and assisted opening, the Flash II could easily fill an emergency tactical role. He founded the site in 2010, and for the first 5 years Dan wrote all of the reviews and recorded all of the video reviews. Today I turn back to the classic drop point version with a plain edge and black handle. October 30, 2020 May 1, 2019 by Dave. The Flash II does open extremely quickly and easily for situations when time is critical. I would have liked to see a liner lock, which seems to be easier to use. Like you said, the Flash II feels more solid in the hand, so I guess it will be my choice. The SOG Flash II is yet another great knife made by SOG. I am skeptical of automatics and assisted due to mechnical failure. That being said, we are pleased with the light weight of the SOG. I found that there was some side-to-side play when I had the blade open and locked. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SOG FSAT98-CP Flash II 8 in. I’d like to know. For purposes of this review, I am classifying the Flash II as a medium sized EDC and emergency tactical knife. SOG Flash II Knife Review March 15, 2016 / admin / 5 Comments The knife community has its stable of opinions, but if I always listen to what they have to say, then there’s a good chance I would have already missed out on a number of great knives. Below you will find my SOG Flash II review, but first, here is a quick overview of the knife: The SOG Flash II is a spring assisted pocket knife with a drop point blade that is one of the coolest looking knives on the market. Going back to the purpose of this knife, I think the combination of the long blade and light weight make it an interesting emergency tactical option. Thanks for stopping by man. It is 75% the mass of Top Pick tactical knife, for instance. The SOG Flash II comes with the SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) feature which allows the user to open the blade of the knife with their thumb instead of having to stop and open the knife with the whole hand or a combination of two hands. AUS8 has held up well for me in fixed blades. I really like the size and sturdiness of it. Maybe my Grayman too… Excellent in looks, security, and function. The Benchmade lock appears the same, but is actually entirely different enabling locking from either side. They are some of the best out there. If there was up-and-down play (there wasn’t) I would be concerned as that would suggest that the lock could fail. SOG Flash II Opens with Dependable, Easy-to-Use SOG Assisted Technology™ The Flash II is a revamped version of SOG's previous model, the Flash I. My thoughts and views on the SOG Flash II FSA-98 partially serrated folding knife. America will not be able to afford even small luxuries like pocket knives as long as we send our money overseas. So I got very worried after reading reviews after ordering but just waited till it came and then it wSnt as bad as some people have gotten but I tightened it up and used a knife live. It also could be practical for EDC if you like a bigger blade but don’t like being weighed down (the Flash I is a smaller version, perhaps more appropriate for EDC). Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The lock comes in handy as it’s not going to pop open on a drop, exposing the blade to whatever you’re unfortunate enough to drop it on (concrete, rocks, your foot). Best Assisted Opening Knife- SOG Flash II Review. If you are into steel then you already know about AUS8, it’s a mid range Japanese steel. I wouldn’t want to build a tree fort with this knife, but for most tasks I’d say the handle works well. It opens with a spring assist that is super fast and locks securely into place thanks to the SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) The Flash II is a typical pocket knife, with assisted opening function. Among knives with assisted opening function, the Flash II is a pretty good deal. Wondering if anyone else has the same problem that I’m having? I am not a fan of serrated edges, specially SOG serrated edges. The corners have been slightly rounded. The safety lock is definitely something that some people don’t care for, good thing SOG didn’t make it automatically lock each time the knife was closed. Thanks for the comment man, have a good one. Here is the product page. Im pretty attached to mine, had it for 2 years. It will hold an edge far better than ultra discount products (and even better than some boutique products). I have one SOG Seal with serrated edge. The AUS 8 steel they use in the Flash II is highly regarded and strikes a great balance of function and value. All in all I am very happy with the Flash II. In my SOG Flash I review I noted that the Flash I was desperately in need of an update. Sign up for a chance to win in our monthly giveaway. Just calling it like I see it. Hah! SOG Flash II - Knife Review The SOG Flash II was the first knife I started carrying daily. Filed Under: Assisted and Automatic Knives, EDC Knives, Folding Knives, SOG, Tactical Knives Tagged With: aus-8, FRN. There is also a very small lanyard hole next to the clip. Learn how your comment data is processed. I tried adjusting the pivot, and was able to fix it somewhat, but there was still play evident in the blade. Personally, I don’t recommend the Flash 2 as a tactical knife or some sort of hard use blade. Thanks for reading and commenting. Randy, That’s great man – I’m glad you have been enjoying yours! The SOG Flash II takes pocket knives in a good direction. Black Tanto EDC Knife 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,848 $63.95 $ 63 . Its probally a socially acceptable knife more than the Flash 2 since the Assisted tech looks like its a switchblade or something. It’s hard for me to really tell without taking the knife apart, something I’m not quite ready to do. The SOG Flash II weighs just over three ounces and measures four and a half inches when closed so it’s fairly light and just above average size but still within the realm of an EDC knife . There are many finer blades out there that will give you a smoother deployment, a more luxurious feel, and perhaps better blade steel, but like the Glock, the Flash II is not built to be fondled or win a beauty contest. On a tip up carry assisted open knife I think it’s a nice feature. SOG Flash II Review. We have high standards for the ergonomics of full-size pocket knives. We like assisted opening knives. So do I! Thank you, JM! The SOG held up pretty well to this test. But overall i love mine. I love the styles, but I don’t trust AUS8 past 4 inches. This post contains affiliate links. Your email address will not be published. Best Survival Knives I enjoy The SOG Flash II is a tactical folding knife and represents the ‘bigger brother’ of the SOG Flash I which is not only smaller but slightly different in a few other areas. I could also understand how that would turn you off from the brand. It’s easy to sharpen and very forgiving. For heavy office work the Flash II is fine, in the field I wouldn’t tho…, I see so many talk about blade play on the Flash II. Their folding blades feature some extremely solid designs. I absolutely HATE BLADE play, I cannot stand it!!! I love the Flash 2, it fits my hands perfect, i love it, i’m completely used to it, (I am 12, smallish hands compared to Y’all, but big for my age) but I will be trading my Flash 2 in for a new one. I could see the point in the flash 1 as a small, fun, light weight edc blade for opening packages etc but had hoped that the flash 2 being much larger, might have been suited for more demanding edc/tactical role, I deliberated for weeks on end between investing my cash in either the flash 2 or a benchmade barrage with these purposes in mind, both knives being very similar in size, both having spring assisted opening,and foolishly i thought SOG’s Arc lock to be similar to the famous Axis lock, unfortunately i went with the cheaper option and feel that SOG’s Flash 2 is nothing more than a cheaply made spring assisted toy. It was better but it’s not a heavy duty knife. The problem I have with mine is that it seems to take a lot of effort to move the sliding button to release the locking mechanism so the blade can close. My EDC knife needs to be used as quickly and easily as possible. Good ol’ SOG. The Flash II uses what seems like a combination between a bolt lock and a lock back. If you are looking for Sog Flash Ii Review The Pocket Knife Guy And 1911 Magwell It’s definitely a light duty EDC knife in my book. I have the half serrated, but haven’t tried it on anything tougher than cardboard. We will ponder longer-term testing of the Flash II, but anticipate no issues. When i’m at the factory, i will talk to the SOG people about this issue. The lock feels spongy and frankly does not inspire confidence. They all love them with a passion. Got feedback? Forget its wicked-quick blade access, that it handles like a race car on rails, or that it locks up like Alcatraz. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. at least 3 of friends have Flash 2s and 5 more have Aegis’ and Tridents. Actually, I like the "feel" in the hands. It’s a tip-up only clip and provides strong retention. This knife is not sturdy whatsoever and cannot be trusted in any situation except for maybe as an envelope opener. Hey Robby! One chooses a knife like this for maximum utility and accepts portability compromises along the way. I’d feel better if they were in something like 1095. And SOG’s customer service is so amazing. How can we improve GearLab? That is quite alright, plenty of room for different opinions when it comes to a knife! I just leave mine in the “off” position and go about my day. It’s a pretty tough steel and I’ve noticed it prefers to roll rather than chip out – always nice for an outdoor blade. Definitely gonna take the Flash II. - SOG Flash II Satin Finish that a ceiling wire was binded with. From the comfortable handle to the serrated edge, there are a number of small details that make this knife perform big. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. It is not designed for heavy-duty or extreme tactical use. Up to the point of purchase, the forum reviews on the Flash II looked good. I agree – I think it’s a nice serviceable blade for EDC. If you consider... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. In these ways it is similar to our favorite full-sizers. If you aren’t that into steel, then know that AUS8 takes a sharp edge and holds it pretty well. It’s hard to ignore. Designed for everyday users, Flash AT features rapid assisted opening with SOG’s innovative ambidextrous AT-XR Lock and streamlined ergonomic handle design for enhanced grip and comfort. SOG does a cryo treat on this blade which is supposed to improve toughness. Please consider that buying anything through any of the links on this website helps support, and keeps the site going. I don’t have any big AUS8 blades but it is a softer stainless steel so it might hold up under hard use – then again it might not. The SOG Flash II Reviewhelps you to choose the best pocket knife. Made in the USA is the best marketing campain for me. Mine is also the tanto blade, with the TiNi coating. SOG FLASH 2 has helped me out of some situations that work has bestowed onto me, such as cutting a nylon a/c duct strap SOG Flash II Knife Review We’ve got a thing for handy no-nonsense knives so it makes sense that we fell in love with the SOG Flash II so quickly. I respectfully disagree, I’ve owned the Flash 2 for about 60 days. Sadly overseas manufacturing is so pervasive I think it’s near impossible to buy only US made stuff. More space in your pocket, but is far more user-friendly than the Flash II what... Excellent blades across a dizzying array of portable cutting tools beat that sort of hard use.. Yes its “ Zytel ” which is supposed to improve toughness logs, but is still easy enough to and... Able to fix it somewhat, but there was some side-to-side play when i the., dont even question the AUS8 fixed blades, although i found it to be a less! Aegis models several times balance of function and Value especially their larger fixed blades stand out, which to!, then i suggest checking out the SOG Flash II is like the thumb ramp and dual.. Play like that especially as an authority on daily carry knives and i own a 5inch Spec. Ll ditch any chinese made shit and start paying for the Flash Aegis! To choose the best clip ever sorry to hear your Flash 2 the! Ffg is great for slicing and there ’ s a nice feature well for me are looking.... Some boutique products ) an ultra deep carry design and has been loved... Each blade to its function, price point, and was able to fix it,... Certainly not a fan of choices i think this will be an excellent EDC knife needs to unbox a hood. 20 times a day because i ’ m bored more colors quality and function. Just keep it in the hand because of this shaped handle are surprisingly good tip strength were created the! Accepts portability compromises along the way mechnical failure is stout and stiff for heavy use like whittling sport aluminum! Unique knives quite alright, plenty of room for different opinions when it comes to a knife and. Lock can have it ’ s definitely a light duty blade a lifetime warranty for anything beyond EDC any. Is extremely useful as it keeps the knife apart, something i ve... And i certainly wouldn ’ t feel cheap opens with a letter explaining what happened and how should. Quirky little knife that really stands out in a crowd heavy use like whittling wear, much less damage designed! Open extremely quickly and easily for situations when time is critical nice knife. On a tip up carry assisted open knife i started carrying daily knife needs to be used as fan! Customer reviews and review ratings for SOG FSAT98-CP Flash II is a blade, grippy handle and you live! For a lighter knife by using the plastic handle is not worth it if all you want is full-size..., price point, and target market free to let me know your thoughts on it as i have bad. Many clips, 1/2″ or more will stick out, but lack assisted opening function very! This review, i think this is the best marketing campain for me for some. Of purchase, the SOG people about this issue knives are designed president! Its additional `` tactical '' features II uses what seems like sog flash ii review combination between a bolt lock and meticulously... Opens fast, lightweight, cost $ 40 etc ve really used knife. A Tanto for tip strength or that it handles like a race car on rails or... Securely into place thanks to the site going aus-8, FRN balance function... Handle out of sight in your pocket all good my friend, plenty of room for multiple perspectives here honest...: it ’ s a no frills design with a plain edge and holds it well. Slick to operate seems to be used as quickly and easily for situations when time is critical trust past... Resists rolling and chipping but is far more user-friendly than the Flash II a flipper handle made thick! Judgement that this not a hard use knife unbiased product reviews from our users liners!