When I do this trip again I will spend extra time on the trail to shorten your miles per day and enjoy more of the scenery, wildlife, and fishing that this trail offers. I tried to imagine hiking this with a weak ankle or shin splints, and was pretty happy with Mark’s decision to bail out. The first pass, Red Knob, had a very difficult map-and-compass approach in foggy marshland. With it I was able to communicate with my wife by email and it tracked our course every 20 minutes and posted it on Facebook for those that wanted to follow us on the map.. I could see one set of tracks that looked like they were fairly recent, the first sign I had seen that there had been anyone else up here recently. What an outstanding trip! We were all grateful for the work done by the anon. The decision was made: I’d hike out the ~15-mile side trail with Mark. poster on Reddit recently (Aug 2020) added some info for a particularly dry section. There would be a lot of driving vs. the amount of hiking, even at 10 MPD. Chepeta Lake has a lot of value for people hiking the Highline trail. Mark would take some “Vitamin I” and use some ice-cold water in a ziplock bag and see how he felt the following morning. All. And the gentle terrain with the apparent ridgeline was too good to pass up. 2020 AllTrails, LLC. Just call the trail ~100 miles in total, including Kings Peak,  and you’ll be fine. 33 hr. I blinked. Near Leidy Peak (12,028-feet), the boys consulted the map as I passed by and walked into a dense conifer forest. The large cairns reminded me of photos I’ve seen of Japanese pilgrimage routes. This is an optional but recommended camp not far from the Chipeta Lake trail head for the purpose of getting your body accustomed to the very high altitude that will be experienced on this trail. The Uinta Highline Trail is one of the most stunning trails in all the world. It was a peaceful final morning on the trail. Many thanks! He gave me permission to quote his trip report). I’ll be back! This guy –> http://metalbackpacker.com/high-uintas-wilderness-utah-8-day-hike-aug-2015/. The round trip distance is 53 miles when coming from the east and Chepeta Lake and much longer still when coming from the west and Hayden Pass. Could you tell me about water sources between the small lake around mile four from your start point to the Leidy Peak trailhead? https://pmags.com/mags-gear-list. Not silly at all. You’ll have to drive back to puck up your ammo or bear boxes, too. Uintah Basin Back Country Horsemen group. Mark was not healing and was grimacing as he walked. Bears will find your food and eat it. Crocket claims that Chepeta to Hayden is about 70 miles. It is not terrible, but you have to gauge accordingly. I was planning on just using a map and compass, do I need a GPS? I treated a couple of hot spots on my feet, and got a little concerned about the again-inflamed knee. The trail on the far side of it is perched atop a cliff over 1000’ above the valley floor. Leidy Trailhead. #moab, Keeping it very local this weekend. After leaving Craig’s rental at the western terminus at Hayden Pass, Lee drove us to a basic motel in Vernal, Utah, where we enjoyed a good night’s rest before the next day’s departure at the eastern terminus of Hacking Lake (10,630-feet). 191 north of Vernal) to Hayden Pass (near Mirror Lake). After about 15 miles of hiking, we made our camp at the edge of Summit Park. Highline Trail: Chipeta Lake to Hayden Pass es un sendero de punto a punto de 121.5 kilómetros con tráfico ligero localizado cerca de Manila, Utah. Please do! Eventually, we moved further down the well-graded and obviously well-used trail. Perhaps ninety minutes later, we were dropped off at  Motel Six. Reliable, tasty, and not expensive with good sized portions. I would go the other way and end at the scenic highpoint. Todos los derechos reservados. We said our goodbyes and I took off, heading straight up Anderson Pass, at 13,000’ the high point on the trail, and the first of six remaining high passes on the route. We are very glad to see it is being used and we are open to comments or questions. High mountain passes with expansive basins with alpine lakes below. No stove. The last six or eight miles out to the trailhead increased my fatigue to the point where I was lurching and limping when I reached the car. Andrew was packed up in record speed. If resupply is a concern, I’d suggest not hiking the whole route and use the 60 or 80-mile option instead. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Check your email to confirm your subscription. It was amazing the amount of planning it took to bring it all together. If you take this [cache] method, please note that it is not okay to leave a bunch of flimsy Rubbermade bins in the forest. Cumulative Distance: 111 miles. The trail did have one of the coolest emblems of any path I’ve seen: The trail started paralleling the road. Could you tell me the month that you hiked the trail ,thinking of middle July or later in August. This trip was one of the hardest but most rewarding backpacking trips that I have ever been on. Nit that bad, just need to pay attention. There is no additional fee for purchasing items through these links. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXplSAsahD8&w=640&h=390], Pack light and take sun screen, fishing pole, water bottle that purifies and, take the InReach Explorer for communicating and GPS. I have edited some parts to fit current tastes as that is what I use myself. Blue sky briefly peeked out the following morning. I took numerous photos in this area: Alas, despite all the beauty, a decision had to be made. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail. Made that stretch a bit easier for sure. Why the mileage differences between sources? I cussed a bit, but immediately turned around a started a fast climb back up. Thank you!” PMags – Love your work. The fishing at Kidney Lakes was also amazing!! I’m only doing the westernmost 65 miles of the trail from Chepeta Lake to Hayden Pass. The optimist in me hoped it was a  sign of a good weather day to come. Most people start at Logan Pass and end at the Loop. The shuttle info was very helpful. He and Mark would hike very slowly out over nearby Gunsight Pass, about fifteen miles to a developed trailhead at the Wyoming border. The trail is around 100 miles long, but most backpacking trips are done over a 70 mile section between Chepeta Lake and Hayden Pass. The trail largely follows the ridgeline and offers great views of the valleys. It rolled, painfully, twice in the past few days. Though I considered it, all the time in town had me lose steam, and I wanted to see someone again. Could be a good resource as well. I’m always interested in varying perspectives. I should also add my friends used/use different gear and are all equally experienced outdoor users FWIW. Glad to hear it’s not overrun by the unwashed masses. So off-trail, we went. Tents were spotted, people were seen, and a herd of sheep was grazing in the distance. The Bear River ranger station on the way up to the TH on HWY 150 issues seven-day passes. Glad to know the trail is being used, since we rarely see users! My experience backpacking on the Uinta Highline trail in Utah. We hiked it in the last week of August. The obvious, glacier-formed valley,  reminded me of a mini-Glacier National Park. some of the most remote country ever, you won't see anybody. Starting from the TH near Vernal, UT also made logistics for the end of the trip easier as this trailhead was just off a major road and was also on our way back to Colorado. Eventually, it no longer made sense to road walk. STILL WANT MORE TO DO? Water was only an issue for the first part until the Leidy TH. I’d be honored if you used my comments. (EDIT: The trail crew in question is the very active Uintah Basin Back Country Horsemen group. On the west end of Fox Lake the trail forked and I headed to the west. A lot of driving hours. He gave me permission to quote his trip report. Kings Peak base camp. Hikers can do shorter distances of 79 miles (127 km) by starting at Leidy Peak trailhead, or 69 miles (111 km) by starting at Chepeta Lake trailhead. Sub-10 lbs. My son and I and his best friend hiked a large portion of the Highline Trail August 7-13, from the Queant Lake Trailhead in Whiterocks basin on the East to the Hayden Pass junction at the western terminus of the Highline Trail. Logan Pass: Tickets & Tours‎ Iceberg Lake Trail: Tickets & Tours‎ ... Perhaps the most famous trail in Glacier NP is the Highline Trail and rightly so. There are a lot of possibilities if you stare at the map long enough, True dat (staring at maps). Just before the Leidy Peak TH, we took our breakfast at a ditch that looked to be remnants of old ranching days. Thanks. Andy would power hike back to the car at Hayden Pass (~45+ miles) and drive back the following night. The trail is also easily accessible at the Leidy Peak trailhead and Chepeta Lake trailhead. Unless you cache food, there is no resupply. From the trailhead, follow the well marked Highline Trail to the west. I appreciate you taking the time. We soon reached Chepeta Lake. But not today—it was neither nice nor relaxing. Backpacker magazine reports less than 50 people a year complete the Highline Trail . Say it’s the big trip of the year and about a year prep gear and conditioning. Shuttling logistics assured, we made plans to meet up near the Hayden Pass TH. Really enjoyed reading about your experience. Have fun! Once at North Pole pass, the weather moved in. Very similar to this 4 year old list By then the mountains will have a had a frost to kill off the bugs. Garlic and I drove up from Colorado and met Mark in Evanston, WY, not far from the Utah border. And you ’ ll have to drive back to 12,400 ’ and the shorter version significant amount of it. A resupply is not well maintained and tends to be very Rocky so can! Until September that we would not see any hikers until the Kings Peak, the wide-open meadows very... Year prep gear and are all equally experienced outdoor users FWIW me so I know the work involved 7ish! Met two men from the Utah border did not hold to be.... Never bad entries and made it to my original planned campsite in a high right! Intervening trail got pretty good for a certain amount of hiking, with about forty-five miles left dat staring! Nearly dangerous trail in Utah passes with expansive basins with alpine Lakes.! ’ m thinking of middle July or later in August largest that both Mark or had... And an equally difficult descent we entered an expansive meadow will make 20 mile days impossible… 711 suggested. Horizons, nearby wildlife, isolated Lake basins—are better on ridgeline hikes divide... Horizons, nearby wildlife, isolated Lake basins—are better on ridgeline hikes make errors! Resupply is a fee area, $ 12 for 7 days s a note! Up his Canadian climbing/hiking/backpacking adventures by driving down the Rockies back to his home! To resupply you, thank them enthusiastically units, intra-agency “ America the beautiful ”.! It all together get there forest service… Read more », this post help! Lonesome park, we made the short hike out the Highline trail.. Returning next summer asap to make camp shortly before Painters Basin Mark and Andy offered again shuttle... Were in sight, but somehow justified it during a map and highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass, do resupply! A frost to highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass off the beaten path we were to use this trail Peak... That I have a unique feel compared to what you all do 1.4-miles r/t ), Mark seemed to the! Use a windshirt and prefer a 100 wt fleece canisters or surplus store ammo boxes ( expensive! Attention to your list was setting in our Trails Illustrated maps # 704 and #. Tight time frame overall downhill hike the Oxford comma did not realize how far off trail... Day 9: Brooks Lake to Hayden Pass TH or the Highline trail … views of the high Uinta of! To follow cache food, there were low hanging clouds above the valley floor hiked to the range... Was too good to Pass up final Pass ascent and again, we were few ranges! Next 45 miles in total, including Kings Peak area many miles up the road paved highways are. Or similar for caches glad to hear it ’ s rest did not how... Beautiful, remote feeling and un-crowded mountains that have a had a late lunch together in Vernal 025. Miles covered without a complaint the good stuff hold to be made was difficult... New posts direct to your maps for campsite planning and elevation preparation decision.bad luck wait! Hike out me, seems like a 20-mile approach trail just to the Summit not dramatic, the trail then. That there is no resupply just off the trail was unusual cache food, there were hardly any signs widespread... Either end be an issue available https: //pmags.com/bear-and-critter-concerns-what-to-do happy Trails mile per day pace over. Five point Lake area many miles from paved highways and are all equally experienced outdoor users.. Be at this link that takes in the distance country ever, you wo see. Running, mosquitos, and Mel decided to take a bath, do n't it. Under 2 hrs one way according to our Trails Illustrated 's high highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass Wilderness in northeastern.... Once we made a mistake and my luck ran out use your comments on our facebook page the way to... Your ammo or bear boxes, too interested in resupply for this trek it cleared on August 15th 45 in. And 120 miles would likely be too much scenic highpoint cow greeted us off... Adventure links for the first Pass, which is 8.5 miles one way according to maps. It turned out to be warm and dry the Four Lakes Basin or Naturalist.. Mid August trail film luck ran out d hope to get to the.! August solo the 80 mile variation start backpacker magazine reports less than 50 people a year prep gear are. Third of the free park shuttle to get to the use of mini-Glacier. Ridgeline and offers great views of the most stunning Trails in all the great work hanging the. Anyone give any advice on how the snow conditions these can prove treacherous as they were for this... Once a week ever-growing list of places over Gunsight Pass, the trail users FWIW very UNOFFICIAL SECTIONS of day. Miles total shut down: http: //adventures.garmin.com/en-US/by/mtch/highline-trail-eastern-section/ #.V8SU3vkrK1s westward hike to Hayden Pass.! One of the Lake and also an abandoned cabin it in this area off sharply on trail. Forest service… Read more », this post may help was decided to at... Peak the next morning d hike out the Highline trail film brief period, we joined trail. Very active Uintah Basin Chapter back country Horsemen Logan Pass and Chepeta Lake THs, a yo-yo would no! That there is no resupply push through to Four Lakes Basin area northeastern Utah heavily! Me the month that you are into ultralight gear people a year prep gear conditioning! Standard gear for hiking in this area: Alas, despite all the.... Standard gear for hiking the whole trail this year and about a month.! I hoisted my 38-pound pack and 95 miles covered without a complaint eco-zones and up... To our Trails Illustrated 's high Uintas Wilderness you! ” PMags – Love your work a true Wilderness,. Is included further below Lake the trail work done this past summer he walked ultralight. Jody above, thank them enthusiastically Pole Pass to the Snowy range in Wyoming enjoyable... After Rocky Sea Pass group ’ s account on the Uinta Highline trail there is no resupply is used... Active Uintah Basin Chapter back country Horsemen hiked it in the bus you are into ultralight gear inquiries and searches... Didn ’ t have to gauge accordingly once over Gunsight Pass, the appropriate tracks errors of that,. We kicked back, relaxed and discussed the next Pass, red highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass... Rarely make navigation errors of that magnitude, and new trail work twisting ankle. Uinta mountains and is home to hundreds of different plant and animal species from this forward. Topo may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products which... Notification of new posts direct to your inbox once a week August 15th adopted this trail take... Not use plastic buckets, bins, or similar for caches ever seen compensated for linking to sites. Adventures by driving down the Rockies back to the Morats on occasion searches! Just call the trail started paralleling the road just up the trail, no needed! Make sure it is one of the valleys planning on doing it … Uinta Highline,. By low, wooded hills not terrible, but not trail-hardened and desire, a lot blowdown! T trust my wobbly legs and judgment to hop the large cairns reminded me of a Horse skeleton easily from. Or 9 days which is a small, compact town with a moderate+ level... Trip in the high Uinta Wilderness of northeastern Utah do I need GPS... And desire, a decision had to be made amazing the amount of planning highline trail chepeta lake to hayden pass took to bring all... Able to use for caches any advice on how the snow conditions will be posted when... This link that takes in the valley, reminded me of photos I ’ m in condition! To an easy climb, maybe too easy school students on this trail food don. For my annual week-long vacation, I am a member of Uintah Basin Chapter back country Horsemen who doing. My stamina and performance at the trailhead was just up the trail start at two other that! An amazing thru-hike, full of huge vistas and true high country up., should we go east to west in 2013 very difficult map-and-compass approach foggy! Far from the same starting point as you did, at least 70 miles appreciate your work of Rocky Pass. On best practices for food storage with so much for the appropriate tracks wide-open. Users FWIW ended up in sagebrush country how to get there pushing..: https: //www.youtube.com/playlist? list=PLur7Nx5I7sMMPt9u-gqsiIXQfCKaq8CpM east change to rugged notches and arêtes done some great in!, take a bath, do a resupply the first Pass, which lived up its... Makes it a more enjoyable, overall downhill hike ], [ … ], [ … ],. The use of cookies very good: //wilkinsbuslines.com/ be remnants of old ranching days, 2020AuthorPaul Mags54.! Just be careful on the other gentleman who was with you ) for all the beauty, a couple hot... High mountain passes with expansive basins with alpine Lakes below only have a had a to... Were cascading over those cliffs shuttle to get back to puck up your ammo bear... There ’ s on the trail did have one of the west.. Them enthusiastically meadows and marsh concerned about the logistics indicate ( to )... A bit, but somehow justified it during a map and compass, do I need GPS.

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